kuroz karma

kuroz karma is kuroz's free solution that provides less paperwork and more cost savings for business entertainment. Register your interest now!

Why kuroz for business?

  • Save time by reducing paperwork
  • Full flexibility with multiple payment options
  • Increase savings with affordable entertainment
  • Stay in control for better cost management
  • Business entertainment deals for every occasion

Kuroz has the largest number of entertainment venues in Singapore. From cafes, restaurants, bars, bistros, clubs and high-end restaurants for all your business needs.

Our world class ibar, discounted prices, and total venue flexibility, will maximize your cost savings.

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Increase productivity by removing unnecessary paperwork

Free employees from having to manually declare each entertainment claim post business meetings and dealing with lost or faded receipts. Digital receipts with entertainment details are sent straight to your employees’ inboxes, ready for submission, making Administration a breeze.



Multiple payment methods

Your employees can pay for their entertainment expenses using corporate credit cards, personal credit cards, debit cards and even kurozpay. Kuroz for business accepts them all to fit into your claims process.

Looking for a monthly direct billing plan? Get in touch with our Kuroz Sales Team.

Gain transparency and insights for better cost management

Kuroz for Business provides consolidated statements for all business entertainment spending, letting you know where and when your employees are entertaining clients.

This allows you to keep track of your company’s cash flow and analyze the entertainment behavior of your employees, enabling you to set the right entertainment policies for your business.