A great way to serve your customers

Take Orders Faster

With our user intuitive e-ordering interface, your customers have the same experience in ordering food, be it dine-in, takeaway or delivery. Our cognitive recommendation engine ensures that your customers enjoy the best food/drink combinations.



Provide Superior Experience

Our cashless billing solution ensures that the bills are received in the customers email, thus reducing the workload on the service staff. Staff can now focus on engaging in meaningful conversations with customers providing them with a holistic experience

Make Profitable Campaigns

Kurozcampaigns and promotions makes a positive impact on your business. With promotions fed directly on the menu, customers can discover it and enjoy it easily. We've seen restaurants increase sales, lower marketing costs, and increase customer loyalty using Kuroz marketing platform



Pre-sell Drinks on ibar

World first virtual private bar where you can presell bundles of drinks to users with a validity of 30-180 days. Based on consumer preferences you can create amazing drink offers to boost drinks sales volumes and offer the best value to your customers.


Kuroz is the fastest way to get food to your customers. With our delivery partners, you can deliver in an average of 30 minutes and maintain the best possible food quality. You can also track orders, feedback and reviews from restaurant to customer.