• Improved Staff Productivity - up to 80%#
    Ordering and billing tasks are done by the user, improving staff productivity.

  • Enhanced Marketing
    Get your venue featured on a premium platform with affluent connoisseurs.

  • Menu Engineering
    Offer varied discounts, 1 for 1, bundled offers, promo codes etc right to user.

  • Cashless Payments
    No more cash collectioins/Credit card swipes as user pays directly from the phone app.

  • Superior Customer Service
    With fewer tasks on hand your staff can now focus on providing the best customer service to your customers thus increasing customer loyalty.

Terms and Conditions Apply

* Calculations based on an average transaction value of 50 SGD per person on dining and entertainment expenses every week. 100 transactions made every week at the venue on the boozecloud platform.

# Assuming that the waiter makes only one round to Serve Order to the customer. As opposed to min of 5 rounds to serve the customer 1- Share menu, 2 – Take order, 3 – Serve order, 4 – Give bill, 5 – Give the Card/Change back.

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